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Triangle USA is an expert panel of financial professionals focused on you. When it comes to entrusting your money and future into the hands of an investor, developer, agent, broker, or partner, we are the ones who care about nothing but looking out for you.

With every salesman claiming the best investment/plan/rate for you, you need confidential, unbiased, third-party advice you can trust. That’s why we assess your options, review contracts, find loopholes, and collaborate with the finest professionals in your field of interest. All to help you make the decision that benefits you above all.

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Triangle is a your independent advisor across the board:

  • Real Estate
  • Stock Investments
  • Financial Vehicles
  • Life Insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Legal contracts
  • Deals & partnerships
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Whatever your question the answer is Triangle

Does the offer align with my needs? What’s the true risk factor?
Is this the best deal I can get? Do I know all my options?
Am I overpaying on premiums? What’s my Internal Rate of Return?
Is there any bias in products/setup? Am I making the right decision?
Any loopholes in my contract? Any hidden terms to be aware of?
Are the facts I was told accurate? I was offered 10-15%, does it sound right?

Our investmentrevolves around yours

What do we actually do? Where do we invest our time and effort? It all depends on your individual situation. We believe no one size fits everyone in financial security, and therefore take a blank-canvas approach to examining your personal case. Only once we know your story and understand your goals can we ensure you get the best out of every deal.

A 3-step processthat puts you first

  • Review

    Every promise. Every document. Ever word. We comb through the offer you received or the plan you are considering, searching for any areas in the language or overall picture that may leave you at risk.

  • Research

    In collaboration with the best minds in each respective industry, we compare your story to benchmarks and proven successes. That helps create a truly transparent view of what you can and should get.

  • Restructure

    When we find a potential loophole or angle to improve your position, we help you draft a counteroffer and amendment to update the contract, plan, etc. We then re-review and give it our blessing

Overfunding Policies


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Overfunded life insurance (OLI) is a popular option to build substantial savings in a tax favored account, via cash value life insurance. OLI policies are designed to offer maximum early high cash value along with the asset protection and tax benefits of life insurance. Overfunded life insurance is essentially a universal life (UL), whole life insurance (WL), or variable universal life (VUL) insurance policy where additional cash contributions are made to boost the policy’s cash value. This added cash grows tax free in the policy’s cash account and can be accessed via cash withdrawals or policy loans.

I have been advised that some insurers discourage overfunding. Many agents discourage over-funding. Whether over-funding should be discouraged or encouraged is a function of the insured’s financial needs.

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